About Me


I live on a Mediterranean mountain side, where I grow my food, forage, play and if there’s time, ponder the beginnings of a new world free of oppression and exploitation.

I host the Simple Living Youtube channel where I strive to live simply and do as little harm as possible.

Author of Dogs of Orninica, a dystopian satire where dogs evolve to become the dominant species on the planet. Working on a second novel and a non-fiction book.

An originator of the SIP Panel house – a cheap, sustainable and highly efficient building method that has since spread all around the world, allowing working class people to build their own homes in just a few days, and without going into debt.

Longtime anarchist and warehouse worker.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Daniel, I wrote u an email on ur old account, I dunno if it reached u. Didnt have other ways to contact you, so…

  2. Hello,

    I would like to build a panel home similar to yours and would like to ask you some questions. can you please provide me with your email so that I can send you some questions.

      1. impossible you don’t understand if you feel like please use my email thankyou ciao a tutti

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