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Dear city dweller,

If you have knowledge enough to be reading this, you know that we have the tools to be both self employed and self sufficient. To be self aware. There are no real opportunities for our generation in the matrix except for the chosen few with well-connected parents, but we don’t need to live in the matrix since we have chosen to awaken.

Fellow slaves of the empire, work and save and prepare for your eventual freedom. If we build simple shelters and grow food and grow love, then all we need false currency for is luxuries; long distance travel or gadgets, so there can’t really be any pressure to ‘succeed’ unless it’s invented by our minds, by our parents corrupting voices echoing in our skulls, telling us our lives somehow aren’t enough. We can silence those voices by supporting each other, together we’re louder than the voices, we’re stronger than them.

Once you’ve made your home on the land, you can collect a few paper notes here and there to pay for tools and luxuries and not live or die based on the fluctuations of the market. While the rich and working poor are miserable and filled with hate because they constantly fear waking up one day and finding they’ve lost everything they had, the self sufficient have nothing to lose but life itself, and cannot truly be unhappy or afraid.

Self sufficiency is a great thing, if you have the knowledge to take care of yourself using your natural surroundings and simple tools, and have the love and support of your found family; the true community you grow around you, for the times you’re too sick or tired to take care of yourself, you’ll never have to fear life.

With the mountains and the sea surrounding you, your hands planted in the earth, your mind floating in the clouds, all that’s left to do is to experience each beautiful day as it comes, with nothing to break your spirit because you don’t have any silly expectations of a fabricated life in the old man’s world, constructed out of dirty paper that’s just itching to catch fire.

Life isn’t complicated unless you complicate it out of fear. We have everything we’ll ever need and much more. Don’t worry about the future. You don’t need to find ‘meaning’ because we know the only meaning is the land and the sky. If you’re connected to the earth fellow gardener, the earth will reward you with prosperity. It’s been said before that what we do is god’s work, and it couldn’t be more true. Nothing is more worthy than a life spent tending the lands that give us life. We’re so well connected, the best job in the world is already ours and we don’t have to sell even a piece of our souls. We have everything. The whole universe is running through our veins.

Live, taste, wander far, observe, meet like minds to migrate with, squeeze every shape and color you can from Rome in its last days, knowing that when it’s time to break free of your chains, your true home is waiting for you, hidden in a fertile valley somewhere faraway from the city. Unlimited secrets just waiting to be unlocked from the earth, and soil spilling with delicious plants to fulfill your appetite and cure you of any ailment.